Friday, March 6, 2009

Life at its ironical best

Life is full of unanswered questions and unlikely incidents. There are several queries that keep hitting my mind every now and then. Numerous questions that pass my brain. We plan and aspire to do several things. In fact we have been making these plans since our inception, can’t even count as to how many of these beautiful ideas we had thought of, and how many of them came true.

When I sit back in solitude numerous questions like why did this happen? I never wanted it. What went wrong and the only answer I get is "May be it was destined to be like that". Then the belief about the existence of a supernatural power - maybe "god" - comes alive.

Here is when the irony of life comes in being. We have never seen the almighty; many of us have never felt him still we believe in him. And we hold him responsible for whatsoever happens in our lives. Other than blaming him responsible for whatever happens in our life we also start making rounds at the astrologers. We end up doing all odd things to ensure that our destiny is secure and still at the end if it doesn’t turn out to be secure then, though ironically, we again put the blame on the supernatural power. Well we cannot question on the existence of superpower who directs our lives and certain things like "birth" and "death" are not in our hands but we can definitely decide as to what we want in our life.

In the whole process we forget to set practical targets for us and to figure out as to what we want from our life. We don’t care to plan and work on achieving those plans and don’t follow the ideology that if by chance failure strikes us we must work even harder to get that one dream that we really want to come true.

We need to realise if something has went wrong somewhere the fault can be ours and need to recognize as to where we went wrong to ensure that things fall in place in life.

Many of us move about aimlessly with unsure thoughts. We keep trying for various options available. This can be in the job that you take up or the life partner you choose for yourself. At the end we might be sitting with empty hands or with too many options.

First we need to set our priorities right and then move in a direction to achieve the sole thing we want and no one can stop us from grabbing it!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

It is strange how living beings supposedly inferior to us teach us the most important lessons of life. The two pets - Boxi and Bruno - with whom I was attached have in their own ways been handling life much better and selflessly than us - "homo sapiens".


I was in Class 4 when my prized possession "Bruno" who was one month old came in our lives. We traveled with him from Ambala to Allahabad in the dingy train with this tiny cute puppy. And mapped the long journey from Allahabad to Faridkot in the tiny car.

Love and affection overflowed in our hearts at the mere look of our first (and the only till date) pet Bruno. With creamy fur that blended well with his white paws we zeroed in on his name after long discussion and arguments. My brother decided his name and Bruno made our life beautiful.

No matter what he will never forget to welcome every time we enter the house with his wagging tail. Bruno used not only bring joy to us but even to my friends (gang of so many gals) in Allahabad who used to stand to see his antics. Yes you read it right his antics - a trained and obedient pet - Bruno will jump high despite his short height to catch the ball, fetch the ball, bite on anything that he gets when he was in a good mood.

Though this lovely being was ferocious still my friends used to take the risk of sitting on top of a podium to enjoy the excitement on his face at the mere name of ball.

Boxi came in our lives when Bruno was almost 2-years old yet another tiny snow white. My masi came to our house in Allahabad with him and at once Bruno became his guru.

Boxi was also trained but was much more loving gentle and calm than our brown Bruno.

Bruno, a true fighter, will just not let any other stray or pet dog enter his territory and used to get out daringly to fight with any damn German Shepard (as the size doesn’t matter) and keep us on toes to run after them. Well he has bitten me several times as I used to keep pulling him beyond his patience levels.

He will just fight for anything and everything that he cannot tolerate and despite his small size both humans and pets were scared of him. The daring soul took his last breath in my brother “Suhail’s” arms and was walking though he was very weak till his life left him on April 28, 2001. As I talk of him every moment spent with him comes before me and I can feel him right next to me.

As I came to know that “Boxi” was no more this Sunday – March 1, 2009 – I had a flashback of the pain we went through when my pet left us.

Boxi used to bring thrill to my life. He was harmless and lovable and I used to just forget myself and play like a school going child with him. Every little gesture, his expressive eyes, innocent face, even the greediness for food of these beautiful creation of god – DOGS – brings smile on our faces.

When the so-called “superior race” of humans is compared with the speechless pets one realizes that human are far away from humanity. GOD BLESS THEIR SOULS!!!!