Friday, March 6, 2009

Life at its ironical best

Life is full of unanswered questions and unlikely incidents. There are several queries that keep hitting my mind every now and then. Numerous questions that pass my brain. We plan and aspire to do several things. In fact we have been making these plans since our inception, can’t even count as to how many of these beautiful ideas we had thought of, and how many of them came true.

When I sit back in solitude numerous questions like why did this happen? I never wanted it. What went wrong and the only answer I get is "May be it was destined to be like that". Then the belief about the existence of a supernatural power - maybe "god" - comes alive.

Here is when the irony of life comes in being. We have never seen the almighty; many of us have never felt him still we believe in him. And we hold him responsible for whatsoever happens in our lives. Other than blaming him responsible for whatever happens in our life we also start making rounds at the astrologers. We end up doing all odd things to ensure that our destiny is secure and still at the end if it doesn’t turn out to be secure then, though ironically, we again put the blame on the supernatural power. Well we cannot question on the existence of superpower who directs our lives and certain things like "birth" and "death" are not in our hands but we can definitely decide as to what we want in our life.

In the whole process we forget to set practical targets for us and to figure out as to what we want from our life. We don’t care to plan and work on achieving those plans and don’t follow the ideology that if by chance failure strikes us we must work even harder to get that one dream that we really want to come true.

We need to realise if something has went wrong somewhere the fault can be ours and need to recognize as to where we went wrong to ensure that things fall in place in life.

Many of us move about aimlessly with unsure thoughts. We keep trying for various options available. This can be in the job that you take up or the life partner you choose for yourself. At the end we might be sitting with empty hands or with too many options.

First we need to set our priorities right and then move in a direction to achieve the sole thing we want and no one can stop us from grabbing it!!!


  1. very true, life puts living beings in circumstances that sometimes seem so heartbreaking but make us more tough to fight with the realities of life more practically...very well written megha way to go....keep it up

  2. True Swati but I guess we dont need to take life so seriously. after al we have only one life. its our prerogative how we make it.. A bagful of seriousness or a bundle of fun, laughter, joy, enjoyment and happiness..So put aside all the worries and live life to the fullest. Try everything and yes set realistic goals...u ll surely come out as a winner in life..

  3. Hail Swati!!

    is that really u writing all this intellectual & thoughtful stuff OR did u CCP- Cut, Copy, Paste!!

    Just kidding...

    I know its U!

    Keep up the good work... u write well.. i always wanted to be a writer... but... U r one!!

    Maybe u can teach me sometime :)

  4. chalo...ek random happening lete hain jisska aap ke saath koi vaasta nahi.
    This lone girl gets down the local train, goes to this theatre to see this play.The ticket vendor asks "how many" and she just mumbles, "two",not knowing who is her partner.Stepping away from the ticket window she looks at this nondescript boy.Ask him if he would like to see the play.They end up seeing this play together.After the play they take this local train and get off their respective destinations.
    The boy is now in his room and changing clothes when he slips his hand in his pockets and takes out TWO TICKETS OF THE SAME PLAY he had bought in advance,2,3 days ago.
    Your 'unanswered numerous questions why this/that happened,life and death,practical targets',etc....shows that you r a li'l more human than others who say 'afterall we have only one life'.
    The thing about pets is...they r like books, always giving,always there for us.
    Do write more of such honest pieces...very few pour like this.

  5. whatever u have said is very true in each and every respect..please do keep updating..really intellectual and thoughtful stuffs have been put together..

  6. Hi everyone....I thank you all for appreciating what I had written...I had stopped writing and today I came to check my blogs just generally as someone asked me whether I write blogs....hopefully I will be more active from now...
    thank u soo much :)